Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of sale are for our retail customers.


In these conditions the following words shall have the following meanings: The "Buyer" shall mean the Company ,firm , consumer or person seeking to purchase the Goods from the Company The "Company shall mean the Company as indicated on the face of the contract/order The "Contract" any contract for Goods or Services made between the Company and the Buyer The 'Goods shall mean the products. articles or things to be sold by the Company The "Services' shall mean any services provided by the Company to the Buyer (whether or not the Buyer shall purchase Goods or not)


All goods MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL BEFORE DELIVERY. Payment must be in cleared funds.
DELIVERY Any time or date stated on a quote, an order or given verbally is given as an estimate only. Buyers are advised to only commit ti an installation schedule once the goods have been RECEIVED & CHECKED. The company shall not be liable for any costs or other losses incurred by the Buyer, their agents or any other third party due to an installation schedule committed to by the buyer prior to the goods being received and checked All goods delivered must be signed for and checked as soon as possible after delivery for damage or shortages and report to the company within 48 hours.
The buyer agrees to accept delivery of the goods within 1 calendar month from the order date unless otherwise stated. In the event of the buyer not accepting goods within this 1 month period, the Company reserves the right to change storage and insurance of the Goods at the rate of 2% of the total order value per month or part thereof.
Please note that usually delivery drivers are on their own and heavy/bulky items cannot be carried into the home. the buyer MUST have help awaiting to ensure that the delivery of the goods is a success


There are two groups of products supplied by Marc Oliver (the Company)
Standard catalogue products . defined as products that are available in a brochure Non catalogue products , defined as products that are bespoke (made to measure) and are not available to order from a brochure.
Cancellation Charges. Standard Catalogue products - these products are cancellable but mainly do incur a 20% restocking fee,to be paid to the Company by the Buyer.
Non standard products - these cannot be canceled once an order has been placed with the company and must be paid for in full to the company by the buyer.
If any goods are delivered in an unfit state the company will organise replacement's as standard if the product's are reported to the company within the time stated in above section of this notice. If for any reason the replacement item/s are out of stock at the time of order, the company will not accept any claim for recompense by the buyer. In the event that this unfortunate event does happen the company will do everything it can to resolve the issue as quickly as the company can.


The company shall make good by reimbursement of the whole or part of the price or at its option by repair or by replacement any defect developing under normal use of the Goods or performance of services completed and shall have thereupon promptly notified the Company in writing, and any Goods alleged to be defective shall,if so required by the Company, be made available for collection by the Company, If the Goods are found to be defective any return carriage ,delivery expenses and / or direct and predictable reasonable expenses incurred solely due to the defective Goods will be reimbursed to the Buyer upon provision of evidence of such expense. In the event of the Goods not being defective the Buyer will be liable to reimburse the Company any reasonable expenses or costs incurred by the Company and/or its agents.
The Company shall not be liable for any claim or claims relating to any breach of warranty expressed or implied, brought after 12 months of the date of delivery.
The company shall, in relation to the Goods and services, have no obligation to the buyer, other than the express obligations contained in these in these conditions or in any other document expressly incorporated in writing into the contract. Accordingly, it shall be for the buyer to insure against any liability arising from the performance of the services and from its use of the Goods.


All contracts made between the Company and the Buyer shall be governed by English Law and the Buyer shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. Any notice required to be given in writing under the Contract shall be given either by facsimile transmission to the Company's Head office,or by first class post addressed to the registered office and/ or Head office of the party which it is intended.


The Company shall have no liability whatsoever for any failure to perform, or for any delay in the performance of any of it's obligations under the Contract arising wholly or in part by reason for any factor beyond it's Direct control.
The terms and conditions do not affect your statuary rights.
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